Friday, March 4, 2011

Envelope FAIL

This whole Dave Ramsey envelope thing is going to be a lot harder than I imagined. We got our cash out on Wednesday, but not until AFTER we had already spent quite a bit on groceries. I figured it wasn't a huge deal since we have quite a bit of wiggle room in our budget this month.

But then when I went to Target today, I FORGOT to split my transaction into "Groceries" and "Household" so i got flustered and ended up giving the cashier $20 in cash and putting the rest on the debit card. Hopefully it evens out...

I did buy small envelopes though. Hopefully that will help me get organized a little more. Also, I'm going to make another envelope for "Household." Also, I need to get a better system for my coupons. While I was able to use everything I was planning on using today, I forgot the item I REALLY went to Target for and had to run back and grab it while the line grew behind me at the check-out. I hate being THAT customer.

Tomorrow's task: fix the grocery envelope and get organized!

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  1. I use Dave Ramsey's envelope system, and have the actual envelope/case from Dave Ramsey's site. It's great, because it has the envelopes attached to the insert in the wallet. I think it's like $10 or something like that. I don't know if you're looking for any opinions, but I do my household and grocery in one envelope. This is because I don't always need both at the same time. That gives me a little more flexibility when I'm shopping (If I don't need toilet paper and paper towels, I can use the "extra" cash for a bulk purchase). Also, here's how I do my coupons: Binder with 8 dividers-Refriderated, Freezer, Pantry, Health and Beauty, Household, Misc. Pets, Babies. I have a small coupon organizer for store specific coupons, and another small one for my "list' trips. the list trips organizer is where I put all my matched up coupons, along with my grocery list, so that I have all the coupons I am planning on using in one area. Wow, sorry, didn't expect this to be a long response!